Hello everyone and welcome to my new website Teenagers Guide To Dating! I wanted to welcome you all and hope you find my site informative and educating, but most of all interesting.

My Thoughts!

Dating someone new can be the most exhilaratingly sweet rush ever! You get an exclusive opportunity to get attention from, and give attention to, your crush you’ve been thinking about so much.

In the beginning, it’s all new ateen1nd everything seems great. You fantasize about being your fierce, darling, witty, super-fun self — always saying the right thing at the right time and looking fabulous while doing it. And, the two of you get to spend time together. The first-date fantasy is sooo working for you.

But then, the questions start rushing in: How do my parents feel about me dating? What are my feelings for him? Where are we going to go? What am I going to wear? And…is it even a date?

Clearly, there’s a lot to handle.

So, we went to the Go Girl Experts for a few pointers and pulled together some dating advice, perfect for teens.

  Talk to Your Parents About Dating
Remember you need the approval of your parents to start dating. Yes, dating has changed since mom and dad were your age, but talking to your parents about dating is important. My mom always seems to have the right answers to most of my questions.FullSizeRender(2)

Being open will strengthen your relationship with your parents and help you understand more about your feelings and dating as they ask questions and discuss their opinions.

  Set Boundaries
Setting boundaries is key to a healthy relationship. Don’t let anyone talk you into participating in activities you aren’t ready for. If anyone is pressuring you to do something you don’t want to do, get yourself out of the situation, and end this relationship. Respecting one another’s boundaries is a non-negotiable when it comes to dating.

  Don’t Make Having a Boyfriend Too Important.
More than likely you are not going to meet the guy you will spend the rest of your life with during middle school or high school. So don’t lose those friendships you have spent so long to build by canceling plans and only hanging out with your boyfriend.

But then there’s also this dreaded situation: You and your BFF have a crush on the same guy. If that’s the case, the Go Girl Experts have a recommendation, too: Don’t abandon your friend for a guy you won’t date for very long. The relationship could end. And you could find yourself heartbroken with one less girlfriend.

If you do end up getting into a reteen2lationship with a guy, the Go Girl Experts have some suggestions:

  When it comes to a relationship, take everything into account and it can open doors for you. Being infatuated with a guy could make you miss some red flags: his lack of commitment to exclusivity if you both agreed to it, keeping you a secret from his friends, consistently rescheduling dates, etc. It’s important to take a step back every now and then to make sure the relationship is healthy from an outsider’s point of view, too!

  Our Go Girl Experts also recommend stopping by a bookstore to find a book on dating you believe is right for you. There are many choices available so it is important you select a book you will be engaged in and want to learn from.

  Dating should be fun and you should treat one another with respect. If respect isn’t there, you aren’t dating the right guy.